Daily Medium Plate Price Briefing In Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin And Lecong On May 31st
Date:2016-05-31 17:40:20

[May 31] In Shanghai, prices of soft decreased. Common medium plate offered by Ping Steel was priced at 2,320yuan/tonne; that made by Anshan Steel is offered at 2,330 yuan/tonne; that made by other second-class steelmakers at 2,320yuan/tonne; low alloy added by 100-180 yuan/tonne.


In Beijing, medium plate prices keep steady. Common medium plate by Puyang Steel and Jingye Steel both stayed at around 2,350-2,370 yuan/tonne; the price of Mn-bearing plate stood at 2,470yuan/tonne with normal transactions.


In Tianjin, medium plate price fall down. 16-20mm common medium plate prevails at around 2,290 yuan/tonne; with that offered by Jingye Steel at 2,350 yuan/tonne, with poor transactions.


In Lecong, medium plate prices decreased. 14-28mm medium plate made by Liuzhou Steel and Shaoguan Steel went at 2,470 yuan/tonne; low alloy at 2,600-2,630 yuan/tonne; and others made by second-class steelmakers at around 2,440yuan/tonne with poor transactions.

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