Daily HRC Price Briefing In Shanghai, Lecong And Tianjin On May 31st
Date:2016-05-31 17:33:44

[May 31] HRC prices keep steady in Shanghai. 4.75mm*1500*C coil price was offered at 2,540 -2,550 yuan/tonne and 1,800mm at 2,720-2710 yuan/tonne. 1,500mm Mn-bearing coil price was 2,660-2,670 yuan/tonne and 1,800mm at 2,680-2,700 yuan/tonne. 2.75mm*1250*C Q235B coil price was offered at 2,610-2,620 yuan/tonne and 2.75mm SPHC at 2,780 yuan/tonne.


In Tianjin, hot-rolled coil prices increased 10 yuan/tonne. 3.0mm coil was offered at 2,600 yuan/tonne. 5.5mm*1500*C Q235 coil came in at around 2,460-2,500 yuan/tonne, 2,460 yuan/tonne by Sino-Steel. Mn-bearing coil was offered at 2,610-2,620 yuan/tonne, transactions were fair.


In Lecong, prices adjustment,5.5-11.5*1500*C Q235B coil prices were offered at 2,650-2,720 yuan/tonne by Liuzhou Steel, Yanshan Steel and Rizhao Steel. And 2.75*1250*C coil prices read 2,830 yuan/tonne. The prices of Mn-bearing coil stood at 2,790 yuan/tonne, transactions were fair.

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