Daily Galvanized/Color-Coated Steel Price Briefing In Shanghai, Beijing And Boxing On May 31st
Date:2016-05-31 18:39:29

[May 31] In Boxing, galvanized steel prices decreased. 0.18mm galvanized sheet offered by Shandong Fada Steel was priced at 3,970 yuan/tonne, 0.3mm galvanized sheet made by Yuanda Steel at 3,430 yuan/tonne, and 0.35mm galvanized sheet supplied by Shandong Huixin at 3,220yuan/tonne.


In Shanghai, galvanized steel prices decreased. 1.0mm galvanized sheet without spangles provided by Anshan Steel traded at 3,950 yuan/tonne, that 1.2mm by Bengang Posco at 4,200 yuan/tonne, and that 1.0mm by Wuhan Steel at 3,840yuan/tonne, 1.2 mm galvanized coil without spangles produced by Ma’anshan Steel traded at 4,240 yuan/tonne, and that by Hegang Tangshan Steel at 3,700yuan/tonne, that 1.0 mm with zinc spangles made by Hegang Handan Steel at 3,570 yuan/tonne.


Color-coated steel sheet in Shanghai went down. 0.5mm*1200*C color-coated sheet produced by Baosteel was offered at 5,980 yuan/tonne and the same grade made by Ma’anshan Steel at 5,030 yuan/tonne; 0.47mm*1000*C color-coated steel sheet offered by Union Steel was at 5,680 yuan/tonne; and 0.5mm*1000*C color-coated steel offered by the same supplier was at 5,630 yuan/tonne.


In Beijing, 1.0mm galvanized steel with spangles offered by Shougang was traded at 3,580yuan/tonne, 0.32mm color-coated steel provided by BazhouJinghua Steel at 4,300 yuan/tonne and 0.47 provided by Tianjin Xinyu Steel at 3,730 yuan/tonne.

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