Daily Construction Steel Price Briefing In Shanghai, Beijing And Guangzhou On May 31st
Date:2016-05-31 18:17:51

[May 31] In Shanghai, construction steel price decreased 10-20 yuan. HRB400 rebar was priced at 1,980- 2,010 yuan/tonne. Other rebar products’ prices quoted at 1,840-1,900 yuan/tonne, and Ф8-10 HRB400 coiled rebar price came in at 2,040 yuan/tonne by Jiangsu Shengfeng Steel. High-speed wire rod price was offered at 2,090-2,330 yuan/tonne.


Construction steel prices in Beijing plunged. Ф12mm rebar made by Hebei Steel was offered at 2,200 yuan/tonne. Ф18mm rebar price stood at 2,100 yuan/tonne. And Ф8-10 HRB400 coiled rebar made by Hebei Steel was quoted 2,230 yuan/tonne.


In Guangzhou, construction steel prices plunged. HPB300 Ф8-10mm wire rod was offered at 2,430 yuan/tonne by Shaoguan Steel, 2,240 yuan/tonne by Guangzhou Steel and 2,240 yuan/tonne by Xiangtan Steel. HRB400E Ф16-25mm rebar prices were offered at 2,300yuan/tonne by Shaoguan Steel, 2,250 yuan/tonne by Guangzhou Steel. HRB400E Ф16mm rebar was quoted at 2,220 yuan/tonne by Yongda Steel.

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